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These days I split my time between playing piano/guitar; writing and recording songs in my basement studio; and writing fiction. With less pressure to become, I’m trying to learn how to just be, to embody the notion that it’s the journey that counts. Not that I wouldn’t like my music to be heard – it’s always nice to be appreciated, and if I can create a piece of music that helps brighten somebody’s day, or maybe even inspires, that’s all the fulfillment I could need. If to be happy we need to give back, music is my way of doing that. Will there be more shows? Never say never. Will there be more music? But of course.

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Midnight Ghost


Mr. Green





Newport Harbor High School
Dominican University of California
UC Berkeley
Berklee College of Music
Berlin American High School


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Rob Hotchkiss

Main Blog

Rob Hotchkiss

4 Ways To Make DIY Regional
Touring A Success

Regional touring is an essential way to get your music through to larger audiences for unestablished artists, but it sure is no mean feat. Playing in new, unfamiliar cities where you have no built-in audience to rely on can be thankless and challenging. It typically takes a lot of time before you start to reap the rewards of your hard work. Here are four tips for you to explore when planning your next regional tour:

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